Selection of the II Open Air Short Film Festival

“Pittari”, directed by Patrick Smith (3m, U S A)

A horned creature’s cycle of abuse is halted by a stubborn foe.

“Life”, directed by Lasse Lorenzen (2m, Denmark)

In a remote place in the not so distant past, a family sits down for dinner.

“Fish”, directed by Saman Hosseinpuor (4m, Iran)

Story of an old couple living in an apartment, where shortage of water unexpectedly take place.

“Blue”, directed by Maryam Farahzadi (4m, U S A)

A story about being isolated in a society.

“Bardo”, directed by Marcela Drobna (5m, Czech Republic)

Young girls falls into water and wakes up in empty room only with one doors. Unbelievable things stars to happen.

“Hallelujah!”, directed by Pacheco Iborra (5m, Spain)

A new day dawns…

“Alternative walk”, directed by Ivan Maximov (5m, Russia)

Brief look at alternative walk.

“Snapped”, directed by Benoit Bargeton (3m, France)

A man is waiting in front of a photomaton. Who is behind this picture? This curtain?

“Swan”, directed by Mikhail Vorontsov (4m, Belarus)

The life of a magic bird is interrupted by the invasion of the pristine winter forest of the most dangerous predator.

“Bystander”, directed by Mohsen Bagheri Dastgerdi (3m, Iran)

The society that does not accept diversities and seeks its annihilation.

“Darrel”, directed by Marc Briones Piulachs & Alan Carabantes (3m, Spain)

Exchange of glances in the metro. How many opportunities have you let slip? Darrel will do everything possible to not let escape this one…

“Parade”, directed by Digna Van Der Put (4m, Netherlands)

Six fanfare flute players explore the landscape of the uniform. A journey that does not go unscathed.

“Lights Out!!!”, directed by Sean Wirz (5m, Switzerland)

A black comedy about the danger of finger wagging.

“Long departure”, directed by David Ellis (5m, USA)

A visual poem about passage, time, ageing and the blur between departure and destination.

“The Upper Story”, directed by Andre Maat (3m, Netherlands)

The short is set in a leaky and tattered attic where Milos takes care of a living brain. His forgetfulness does not bother him until things get out of control.

“Little girl”, directed by Steven Subotnick (4m, United States)

A little girl rides her bike.

“5 cuts”, directed by Rodolfo Herrero Molina & Luís Gonçalo Gaspar Pedreira (5m, Spain/Portugal)

A robbery just occurred near a barbershop. What could possibly happen?

“Night Spinning”, directed by Yi Luo (5m, Germany)

Eva has a crush on her good friend Jack. Before she goes back home she sees two shadows in the distance kissing. Something very strange grows in her, distorts her reality and perception and drives her crazy

“America’s Sweethearts”, directed by Tori Taylor (5m, U S A)

A take on mass media’s superficial representation of human intimacy.

“Fountain of Youth”, directed by Matthew Aaron Simon (4m, U S A)

A man’s memories and gross motor skills convert to the past after turning towards the bottle.

Not in competition:
“Metamorphosis” dir. by Soroush Tabatabaee (2m, Iran)
“Lanky Lad” dir. by Helen Dean (2m, Canada)
“Even closer” dir. by Gutiérrez Josepx (1m, Spain)
“Living on a fly” dir. by Lula Gómez (2m, Spain)
“Journey” dir. by Tara Vulovic (1m, Serbia/Montenegro)
“Dandelion” dir. by Elisa Talentino (3m, Italy)