Selection of the IV Open Air Short Film Festival

In competition:
1. “Lumen” by Brian Martinez (Spain);
2. “Ailin in the Moon” by Claudia Ruiz (Argentina);
3. “Little Bandits” by Alex Avagimian (USA);
4. “Kite” by Lesley Manning (UK);
5. “One Person” by Mahboobeh Kalaee (Iran);
6. “Pingpang” by Ding Ning (China);
7. “Eternity” by Yea-Eun Jang (Czech Republic);
8. “Highway Tea” by Milton Adamou (USA);
9. “Trapped by Mohamed Maged Abdalmeged (Kuwait);
10. “Feather Paper” by Emma Cormarie (France);
11. “Flip” by Juan Sierra, Martin Bueno (USA);
12. “Back to you” by Dave Groslashnval (Denmark).

Not in competition:
1. “Suicide Is A Slaughter” by Seong-Gyu (South Korea);
2. “Waves” by Vojtech Domlatil (Czech Republic);
3. “Cry me a River” by Marta Gomez Calderon (Spain);
4. “14” (Japan) by Hiroshi Kizu (Japan);
5. “The Butterfly and The Wolf” by Charlotte McCarthy (Australia).